PBX does not launch

Hi, I’ve been using Flynumber for many years. Even during Covid-19 for three years I did not stopped the service and continued to pay regularly. The balance now is 36 USD.
Now that I want to use it does not work no matter what I do including:
Change of permission at the URL
Use of different browsers
Removing history and cookies.
Use of two different laptops

I need it badly now as I am travelling soon.
I am using Windows 10 on laptop
Please advice ASAP!!

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Hey @kimmron

We sincerely appreciate your business here and as a token of that, your account ( along with other older accounts ) is grandfathered in free for life

Yes, the old PBX system is being decommissioned and won’t really work on any browsers (Flash is disabled everywhere)

…but you’re really going to like the new system - works on all devices and browsers ( mobile too )

We had to manually enable it on your account - we sent you a quick note on the FlyNumber account.

Thanks for your prompt response. I looked allover cannot see any note from you. In which category in my account should i look for a note?

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It was in your account tickets ( the system should have emailed you the ticket as well )

Will send it again via this forum PM system.

Thanks and standing by if you need anything.

we have been trying to contact you for weeks, but you wont reply our emails or our calls. are you still in business or bankrupt ?

1/ we cant access PBX because of flash , yet the link is still in dashboard and you never sent any info to explain how to proceed to access our set up. why is that ? how can you offer such an horrible customer service ?

2/ we also have been clients for years and you never offered a free service to us

3/ our number is not forwarded as set up anymore so we have reason to think the system was hacked so we need an urgent access

4/ we are looking at other options to replace flynumber because our clients can not call us right now.
if you dont fix the problem, we are gone.

username legendvoip

We are very much in business and growing. What phone number did you call?

… I do see a ticket was opened today (we replied hours later)

We need to manually enable as your account is grandfathered into the new phone system (free for life).

You have the phone system free for life on your account =)

We needed an active number on the account to enable the PBX, there was a billing issue that is now rectified.

You were not hacked and we got the old number back on your account.

We sent you instructions on how you setup the PBX, if you need any help just let us know.

You can also check this post out

Thanks and standing by if you need anything at all