Here you can post any questions or comments regarding the FlyNumber features. How they work or perhaps you have concerns on how they can be applied to your configuration


Here you can post any questions you may have before signing up, it should be general pre sale questions or comments , If its specific to a forwarding type, please post in the appropriate category


Post anything regarding the award winning Asterisk PBX. Created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium we love sending calls to anything Asterisk based.


Post anything related to Gtalk forwarding. This is in regards to the Gtalk Application, we dont send calls to Google Hangouts . Forwarding calls to Google voice is not the same thing.

PBX - Virtual Phone System

Any questions or comments regarding our state of the art Cloud hosted PBX / Virtual Phone System should be placed in here


Anything related to support for the FlyNumber Service. If its specific to a forwarding type please use the appropriate category.


Billing and payment questions, this should stay related to billing and payment comments associated with the FlyNumber service


Post anything related to the SIP protocal. We send calls to any SIP URI /address as well as providing our own SIP credentials for incoming and outgoing calls with your FlyNumber


This category is not being updated with new cities at the moment


Questions and comments regarding Skype forwarding

VOIP Providers

Questions and comments regarding VOIP providers we send phone calls to, sometimes calls ITSP's - here's list of VOIP providers we "easily" forward calls to.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.