Account disappeared

We’ve had an account with Flynumber for several years. Last week, none of our incoming calls are going through. We traced the problem to Flynumber. So, I tried to log in the account to see if something has changed, and it looks like our account was deleted - we’re not able to log in; tried to use password recovery, but all email addresses - including the one we registered, result in unkown account.

Our annual bill was last paid via credit card at the start of August 2019. We’ve been charged, but no service.

I tried emailing support as well as called, but no replies whatsoever. This is my last attempt at making this work.

What’s going on?

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Hi Kim

Sorry to hear and we took care of this for you from here- it was a billing issue as card on file was not set to auto-bill

We just PM’ed you the username on file…

Thanks and please let us know if you need anything at all