PBX panel I cannot access it doesn't work in my browser. Need access to the HTML version

Hi, the PBX system doesn’t work for me and I cannot open on any browser. I need to use it badly to configure my calls.

Could you please add me to the new system?

Hi @brennowilliam

Hope all is well

The new PBX is $14.95 a month , a flat fee for the entire account

We updated you via a ticket as well - let us know if we should enable this for you

Hi there, long time customer. Where can I find the area to purchase the PBX at $14.95/mo?
I can’t find it anywhere and the Phone System V2 does not display any of my numbers.
Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Hi @universalsafety

Your account was updated directly with this, your account is older so the process is slightly different. All should be working well now and the FlyNumbers are enabled in the panel.

Thanks and let us know if you run into anything