Huge Issue, all income call FAILED!

We are using a Hong Kong number with

Start from a few days ago, our number is NOT reachable and every time it fails when dial in.

It only gives two “doo doo” sounds before the call failed.

All the record in the call history are also marked as “Fail”

What happened??? Please kindly help to fix. Its greatly affect our company image as we use it as the company hotline number.

I have tried to issue a ticket but have no answer yet.

Hi Sam

You’re forwarding your Hong Kong number to a regular phone number, this requires funds in your account

You seem to have ran out of funds- please add funds and the forwarding will work right away. You can also set your account to forward to SIP/ VOIP and that will work as forwarding to VOIP has no per min rate

We also set your account to send you a notification when it falls below $1, you can change this at My account > My details

Let us know if you need anything else

P.S. A great way to diagnose issues is to check your call history, it shows the errors and various responses

thanks for the reply, but it would be much better there is warning inside the web interface and/or email alert for Failure call because of ran out of funds.

Its really make people feel awful if the call just fails and find nothing “wrong / alert” when we login to

Just some feedback

Thanks for the feedback Sam

Your account is set to notify you when it falls too low so this shouldn’t be an issue in the future for you

You can see your current prepaid balance at my account > dashboard and then summary tab

Thanks again

Hi there,
today 2 calls failed and the reason was “forbidden”. what does that mean? I have received calls from his person before with no problem.

Your number probably expired , see if there are funds in your prepaid balance or perhaps your credit card on file expired. We can still renew it so if you have issues PM or email your username.

Hello FlyNumber Team,

I am forwarding my FlyNumber to an Andorran number, but this forwarding is very unstable since at times it works and at times it doesn’t. Can you please give me some direction as what is happening? This problem has occurred just recently. Currently I have enough funds in the account.

It either does not connect at all, or at the caller end it rings once and mutes (so people think that there is no connection), but it is actually ringing at the other end…


Have you tried forwarding with PBX / Virtual Phone System or vice versa?

Are you getting any errors in the FlyNumber call history?

I am getting plenty of errors in the Call History list and I suspect that it has to do with the FlyNummber that I have been assigned with, which for some reason is not forwarding. My wife has another FlyNummber with exactly the same setup as me (a Spanish FlyNummber forwarding to an Andorra phone number) and for her it is working perfect.

Do you need my FlyNummber or can you check in my account?

Can you re-assign a new FlyNummber to me and discard my current one with the fault? Would that solve the issue?


Are you guys forwarding to 2 different numbers? Could also be the device you’re forwarding to. I would try forwarding to her phone number to see if you get the same results

Please email or open a ticket so we can look further into this

i have similar issue, callers either get busy signal or simply dead air. were they able to solve your issue?, the customer service in forum is responsive but without a solution

You’ll need to give us some specifics, how are you answering the calls? What network are you using? Smartphone with 4G or a VOIP desk phone using corporate internet for example…

Have you tried forwarding to a regular phone number to test?

If its better quality when forwarding to a regular phone number then you may want to check your network or software/device - let us know and we can make suggestions.

Hi, I am trying different things as you suggest at the moment - still having the same issue as described before. I am trying the PBXww method but Andorran numbers (376-XXX-XXX) are too short and the system is not accepting them. What should I do?

I have added an additional 0 at the end (376-XXX-XXX-0) and the system has accepted the Andorran number now. It is actually working and seems to be forwarding quicker now using PBXww. However, the CallerID is coming now all the time with a country code 34 (Spain), since my FlyNumber is Spanish (34…) although I am dialling from outside Spain. Any idea on how to remove the added 34 at the front of the CallerID?

At the moment we cant change the caller ID format as there are many factors that come into play when displaying Caller - ID. Carrier, device and software are some of them.

Have you tried this on a different SIP client?

Many VOIP phone and SOIP clients allow you to change the caller ID ( strip and add digits )

Hi again,

Today I am trying to use the FlyNumber (+34937379315) but it is not working again. When I check in the account it gives the following reason ‘Server Internal Error’. Also for one call that I make to this number, the Call History List shows several instances every 1 or 2 seconds, as if would keep on trying to dial, in a loop - and all report the same Server Internal Error.

Any help that you can provide will be appreciated since this is causing a major disruption. Thanks.

You have the forwarding number set to a non existent number, seems there are too little digits- you entered a number with 5 digits ( not including area code)

I am forwarding to my Andorran cell phone. Andorran cell phones are made of the following numbers:
376 (country code) plus XXX-XXX (6 digits). This is what I have set in my account.

However you give the option in the forwarding details to:
3766 - so here I need to add just 5 numbers following the pattern: 376 6XX XXX.

Thank for looking into this.