Understanding the cost structure

I could not understand the exact cost structure for my use case, even though I believe it is pretty standard.
I live in Cyprus and own two mobile numbers - one local to Cyprus and the other local to Israel.
(1) I would like to accept calls and texts made to the Israeli number - on my Cypriot phone (not app)
(2) Call Israeli numbers from an app as if from the local Israeli number

Can you please detail the cost & cost structure for these use cases?

Thank you!

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Thanks for considering us @omri.spector

The feedback is appreciated. Updated knowledge docs on the way, the idea initially was to keep things to their most basic forms - users would then create what they need.

With the advent of AI tech we’ll be able to better help with scenarios like these and others.

From what I gather you perhaps are looking to port in your current Israeli number with us? (Please send us the number and we can confirm portability)

We can then forward those Israeli calls directly to your Cyprus mobile phone which looks to be .03 - .05 cents per min.

The texts would forward to an email address. (no charge for this)

You’d want to use our phone system for this and yes you’d be able to call Israel (or anywhere else) with your Israeli caller ID.

The Israeli number is $2.95 a month and then a per min rate to forward to a reg. phone number or to call out from the app. Per min rates here.

If you were to answer with an app instead of forwarding the Israeli number to a Cyprus number you’d avoid that per min rate. You always pay a per min rate to call out though.

The phone system is $14.95 a month and its a flat fee, you can add more numbers or users - price wont change.

You can also setup an Israeli mobile 055 with us and test all this before actually porting in your current Israeli number.

Hopefully this all makes sense, if you need us to clarify anything else please us know.

OK, so to be sure I follow:
In order to satisfy both 1 & 2 I need:
(a) The phone System = $14.95/month
(b) pay-per-minute for incoming call accepted in my Cypriot number = $0.05/min

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and (c) the $2.95 for the Israeli number itself. You can add as many numbers as you need, the price for the phone system doesn’t change.