Question about the per minute rates

I’m a little confused with how this service works. Basically, all I want to do is have family back in the United States call a US number, which is then forwarded to my Canadian number. This will save them long distance charges, and allow them to call me without a problem. I am able to call them as I have a plan that allows me to call the United States.

What I’m confused about are the rates. Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly: After purchasing the line, it says calls forwarded to Canada are 3 cents per minute, but… why is it on a per minute basis after having the call forwarded? Shouldn’t it then be sent to my Canadian phone and have nothing to do with Flynumber at this point? I already have unlimited incoming and outgoing US calls from Canada, so why would I want to pay extra per minute to have people call me? A standard monthly fee is one thing, but per minute seems very excessive. Maybe I am just not understanding how it works though.

Thanks in advance!

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Whenever our system needs to send calls to a “phone number” there is a per min rate. When it sends the call to your Canada phone its using our infrastructure for the entire duration of the call.

If you have a smartphone you can send the calls to a SIP client and it will be free , just the per month rate

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