USA Number Questions

A few questions:

  1. Here: US Virtual Numbers and VOIP
    It says:
    " * Local phone numbers all over the USA | Use your genuine American phone number as the outgoing Caller-ID" Could this be a Canadian phone number as the outgoing Caller-ID?

  2. Cloud Phone System included with Every Virtual Number | PBX for Small and Medium Sized businesses I have this free for life now on my account right? I cannot lose it if I let me Luxembourg number expire and get a USA number later, correct?

  3. For USA numbers, what qualifies as a local call and therefore will not charge me $0.01 USD per minute? 3a Same prefix? California, United States Virtual Phone Number
    3b Same state?
    3c Or if I have a USA number and calling anywhere in the USA, I do not pay the 1 cent?

Thanks for the help.

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Yes absolutely, with a ring group in the phone system you can get SIP credentials. Those are used to call out.

Good question. Correct you can’t lose it as long as you have at least 1 number active with us

At the moment we don’t have unlimited plans when calling out or with phone number forwarding. So yes .01 per min to call out or forward to a regular phone number

My pleasure and here if you need anything

Thanks for the fast response. So am I correct in thinking using my Lux number will cost $0.01 USD to call into the USA in 99% of the cases?

Sure thing

100% , plus the $2.95 a month for the number itself

Thanks again