Takes lot of time to forward call to mobile number


I have been using Flynumber for 3 months now. I had been forwarding calls to Blink SIP which was working very well.
Now I needed to forward calls to my mobile phone because I would be travelling and will not have access to my laptop all the time.
I made changes in PBX to forward the call to my mobile phone.
Now when I tried to call my flynumber from a different mobile phone, it takes 5 seconds to hear the ring on the calling device and then I do not receive any call on my mobile phone for 20 seconds, after 20 seconds my mobile phone starts ringing.
20 seconds is a long time and I fear I might loose a lot of people as their patience might run out within 20 second of not receiving an answer from the other end.
What am I doing wrong, anyone else who faced a similar issue and got it resolved?
My Flynumber is from Australia and I am receiving the call on a mobile phone in India.
Would really appreciate any help to solve this problem.


This could be due to many different factors, distance, hops, carrier and operators just to name a few

If there is no delay when you use SIP and blink it would indicate there is nothing wrong with the incoming on our side, its probably the phone receiving the call- perhaps try a different forwarding phone number

I would also try to forward the FlyNumber directly to the mobile from the main dashboard

My account > my flynumbers

Thanks for your response.
I tried to route the call directly to the mobile phone however it does not work at all in that case, I do not receive any call at all.
It only seems to be working through PBX.
The difference is 5 rings as of now, can you suggest anything which could help in reducing this wait?

Please make sure the prefix is set OK and there are funds in prepaid balance

You can also PM the FlyNumber and we will investigate further


Yes the prefix is ok and there are funds available in the account.
I am unable to send a PM to you, I did search this forum as to how to do it but did not find any pointers.
Can you please guide me how to send a PM to you so that I can send you mu number.

We have sent you a PM, please reply

Hi I replied to your PM with mu number day before yesterday, can you please look into this and provide some recommendation.

We do not see it

Please click “FlyNumber” on the current page > Private message