Calls are not getting forwarded - SIP and Mobile

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I had got a flynumber few days back as solution for our business and personal calls matters, after decided to join in we made the payment by paybal and first day services was not active but next day we got the DDI number: 5078510279, till here everthin was looking nice but…

After going on the panel, creating the persons, and conections, we did follow some forums here and we downloaded X-lite and blink, did followed the steeps but the programs are not getting connected to the PBX panel even that we introduced the SIP credentials thart we got from PBX, so that im unavailable to receive any call…please help…

Also i will like to get some additional clarifications.

1-If the DID number its from X country, when another third party calls to this number he will get charged as per the local X country call rates?

2-If i forward a call from the fly numbers to Y country mobile number…then i shall have credits as the call will get charged at Y country rates?

3-If the incoming calls are been forwarded to SIP or VOIP program then its unilimited incoming free call correct?

4-To make any call i shall be logged in some program like acrobits on adroid or xlite and blink on PC to be available to call correct? from the PBX panel i cant does, dial or receive any call if its not through a third party VOIP provided correct?

5-How many fly numbers can i have? can i forward from flynumber to another flynumber and then to Sip or mobile?

I may have some questions but first need to be available to receive and forwarded call to our Sip, we mean first we need help to get the number work.

Thanks for your time and ill wait for your kind comments, thanks.

Hi There

Sorry to hear your troubles, we’re sure we can help you get up and running ASAP…

Please try to ping the SIP server address from your network location. If you get an unreachable error your IP address was banned for too many failed attempts. Please send us your IP address if that’s the case

The person pays what they normally pay to call the local number, in this case a caller from anywhere in the world would pay what they normally pay to call a Panama phone number

Keep in mind certain countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador are best tested locally from within the country. This isnt a FlyNumber restriction , its due to the the local carrier there not being up to date with dial plans across the globe

Correct, you will pay the per min rate for the number you’re forwarding the FlyNumber to ( You avoid a per min rate for incoming calls if you answer with SIP/VOIP instead of a regular phone number)

Yes thats correct

The Groundwire/ Acrobits app works well with SIP.You can have the app completely off and it will still push the calls to you ( save battery this way) . Otherwise yes the SIP client or VOIP Phone needs to be connected to receive the calls

You can have as many as you’d like, you can forward them as you please yes

Sure thing, if you have any questions or concerns at all just let us know

Dear Fly support,

Thank you very much for your kind attention and good service, please note our comments below:

Please try to ping the SIP server address from your network location. If you get an unreachable error your IP address was banned for too many failed attempts. Please send us your IP address if that’s the case

We dont understand so much about networks or Sip servers, just know we checked the dash board and it seems that SIP with Xlite its working, we guess you guys fix it up, thanks for the same.

However we had tried make some test calls and just one time we ear a voice mail from the call receiver number, other out going calls are not going through, we check the call history and the balance added had not been discounted due not conected calls but it all shows the status of FAIL with the reasons " server internal failure" and " service unavailable", what it means?

All other points had been clearly clarify on your comments just we wanted to know:

1-When we make out going calls the cost per min its as per the destination country rates with out consider the origin country or out going country?

We will wait for your kind comments, have a good time there, thanks.


Yes outgoing calls should work fine

Please make sure you’re using the right dial format ( no # or 00 when calling out), more info here

Your PBX looks setup OK, the internal server error could be coming from the SIP device or network

Perhaps try to clear the SIP info and re-register as that may do it as well

Let us know if this persists

Hi Friend,

Thanks for your repply, now our item its that the X lite its not getting connected to the SIP server provided by the PBX, we had made a new register of SIP and still its not working, please advise us to to get it working, thanks.

Can you ping the SIP server address from your computer ( the same computer you’re registering -xlite) ?

If the pings are “unreachable” email us your public IP address