My order still not active


I have paid for a China phone number a couple of days ago and still not active. I have tried to call to any of the phone numbers that you have in your website (different countries, minding the time zones) and I haven’t been able to get someone to answer.

I got an email after submitting a ticket, asking me to provide with some documentation on the identity and proof of address. I have submitted all the information about my company but I need to know when will it be ready.

Really, the feedback process is too slow and I need urgently to apply for a permit next Monday, China time. I need to provide that number.

I appreciate your prompt answer.



Your ticket was updated on this as we need documents and information for our local carrier as far as China numbers

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks for your feedback, however I can’t find the way to forward the calls from my “China Flynumber” to my China mobile phone number. The main reason of what I got the service is for costumers to always reach me as I’m constantly visiting suppliers. I’m using PBXww.

I made a test forwarding the calls to a Hong Kong number and it works well there.

Please advice on how to forward the calls to my Mainland China mobile number.


Sure thing and forwarding there should not be an issue, have you tried without PBX , just choosing phone number forwarding direct

First go to

My account > my flynumbers

Click details on the China FlyNumber, change forwarding to Phone number , enter the China mobile number

Thanks and let us know if you run into anything

Thanks for your feedback. I have tried just now, changing the forwarding to “Regular phone” but still the same problem, the call is not forwarding to my China mobile phone. So I changed it back to PBX where I can use my friend’s HK number for now. Please look into the issue.


I have tested it today and it works now, I can forward calls to a Chinese mobile phone, just that it takes longer to receive than the HK number to receive the calls.


Glad to hear

This could be due to one of the operators along the chain, if you can send us the phone number of the operator used to call the flynumber and the GMT time of the low quality call we may be able to narrow it down. Worst case we can also change the route and see if that helps

Thanks and here if you need anything