Call forwarding not working

Dear Support

We have 3 FlyNumber and 2 of them do not seem to be able to forward the call an instead keeps ringing forever.

Can you please have a look if there is a problem with these numbers?


Sorry to hear, your numbers are checking out OK so far

Are we sure its not the forwarding numbers?

Call history also suggests the calls are coming in and being set to the phone numbers you set

We set the forwarding to PBX/Phone.system as this is newer technology My account > PBX Panel to see the configuration and edit if need be

Thanks and let us know if you need anything

I ordered an active Flynumber for Canada location last month. I have set up forwarding to my India Mobile number from this . When I try to call the virtual Flynumber I do not receive a call on my India number, instead it keeps ringing or earlier once it got connected to someone else. I have made 2 payments already but have not been able to use the number at all.


Your number is OK but it looks to be ring tone

Your calls are being forwarded, My account > call history

We set this with PBX so its newer technology, My account > PBX panel

Pease retest and let us know if this persists