Asked for password

I am training myself for my next trip and I used the simplest set up e.g. calling the Flynumber and it should forward it to a mobile but instead I am asked to enter a password which is obviously incorrect.
Could you please instruct me what to do
I am in a hurry with my trip and I need to set up the Flynumber ASAP.


We just went into your PBX and noticed the phone number and person modules were not connected, I just did this for you

Please retest and the call should come in fine now

Let us know if you run into any other issues

In all my trials the number and the person mobile were connected. Maybe I played with it and disconnected it just before I sent the email to you but it does not matter because also now when I dial the Flying number I am still asked for a password.
I suspect it is stuck for some reason in the dial tone set up.
Please fix it so I can use it ASAP.


After the trials and phone calls with Mike yesterday night now only the very basic works and I dont know if it works through the PBX or not.
But what I really need is the following:
I leave my mobile in Israel and I did a Follow me of my mobile (which stays in Israel) to my Flynumber which in turn should forward the call lets say to a German mobile in Germany.
This will ensure that everybody can call me to my regular mobile and I will get the call wherever I am.
As I said dialing directly to the Flynumber will forward the call.
However, the follow me of my mobile to the Flynumber DOES NOT WORK and this is what I really need!!!
As I said I leave on very soon and I need this.
Please let me know if you can fix this because othewise I have to change my plan-take with me the mobile and not use the Flynumber


Hi Israel

This will work fine, many users do just this

It could be you’re forwarding your Israeli mobile to the FlyNumber which is currently pointed to the same mobile number, this can cause issues

Your PBX did seem to have an issue last night, it was taken care of and your forwarding is working OK with the PBX now.

We have a scheduled call to you in about 10 minutes, we will test this and make sure your setup works well