Returning Calls with my fly number (i.e unable to make outbound calls)

I have been able to clip-no-screen the myflynumber from a SIP provider side and able to make outbound call by attaching it to the SIP trunk. Outbound calls are successful and showing my fly number but anytime i call directly back with fly number showing up on my phone i get three beeps when i dial out. So i realised i needed to configure a kind of forward in my fly number dashboard. How can i achieve this? Is it possible with the PBXww dashboard. Waiting for your response.

Where would you like to send the calls?

Please PM your SIP uri or let us know and we can help with our own internal SIP credentials


As a test case lets send from fly number (+33486801258) -> to (+492219621333) .
Which SIP URI do you need to be specific ?: the URI for the destination number (+492219621333) .
or the provider ? Waiting for your feedback.

There is a new development

The request above works now but only when i am in Germany and vice versa using the Forwarding details to number feature in Dashboard to return the call but not when the user is in France.
If the user is in France the German number shows up again instead of the fly number what am i doing wrong?


You have options but are you trying to send the calls to a SIP URI or to a phone number?

If its a SIP URI, which is the address to send calls in regards to your VOIP provider then they will handle your outgoing and you will want to contact them

Or you can send the calls to the PBX/ Phone System and we will handle receiving and outgoing by supplying SIP credentials

Thanks for the feedback. I got that figured out.I just have a few issues on the provider side

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