DID Forward to VOIP/ITSP Failing

I’ve just purchased a FlyNumber DID number and wish to forward it to my WebCallDirect account.

In the Forwarding section, I’ve tried selecting VOIP and adding sip.webcalldirect.com and then in the Details section simply added my username. I’ve also tried selecting ITSP, then selecting WebCallDirect and entering my WebCallDirect username in the Details section. Unfortunately, whenever I try to call my DID number after setting either of these forwarding options, I am returned an Invalid Number error.

I did check things by setting forwarding to a standard mobile telephone number. When then calling my DID number, the mobile phone rings and thus the forwarding is working.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong with the WebCallDirect forwarding?


Sorry to hear you’re having issues

We can send the calls to any SIP uri but it would be up to your provider to render the calls OK

Your call history will show the response we’re getting. You may want to check with them that outside providers can send calls to the SIP uri. Here are our IP addresses just in case they need to know here the calls come from.

You can use the “VOIP” forwarding option in My account > My FlyNumbers

So if the uri is phil@webcalldirect.com

Host is webcalldirect.com
Details is phil

Let us know if you run into anything

Thanks for the standard reply, which I have read before in other threads.

As outlined in my initial post, I chose the ITSP option, selected WebCallDirect and then added my WebCallDirect username in the Details section.

If a provider in the “Easy to Setup” list doesn’t in fact work, it’s not very easy to setup or perhaps worth even offering as an option. Does FlyNumber regularly test the providers included in the “Easy to Setup” list?

The "Easy to setup"p list will just propagate the SIP URI host for you. We suggested “VOIP” earlier to keep us one step removed.

Can you send us your username? Are you seeing anything in the Call history?

Its time we check our connection with webcalldirect but chances are that it would be their side if there is any blocking going on.