Forwarding Number to Flynumber Error

I am trying to forward an existing phone number to the newly acquired fly number. However, after I have done this when calling that number I am not routed to the main que and instead am hearing rings versus the preset sound message. How to fix / modify this so that both the forwarded number and flynumber rings are identical as set with the audio I have uploaded?

Sorry to hear, we took a look at your PBX panel and it looks setup OK

It seems the issue is the forwarding destination, I see its going to - this should work fine but you could have a wrong setting somewhere in your admin panel with them

It could be answering the call and routing it the way it wants to route- there should be a setting in there where it wont divert the calls

Alternatively you can test this with our SIP , step 2 in this post can help

Let us know if we can assist further