Redirect Outbound calls

Currently, I have PBX configured to forward incoming calls to the Freecall VOIP provider. My SIP device then is configured to connect to Freecall which works fine. Outgoing calls are then sent via Freecall.

However, that means I don’t have much control over outgoing calls and I would like to use PBX for them. So if I connect my SIP device directly to Flynumber and then my incoming calls are received without forwarding but I would want to direct all outgoing calls to Freecall (using features to select the CallerID based on which country I am calling etc).

Perhaps it is just me but I cannot see how to configure PBX to do something like this with outgoing calls. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi there,

Freecall would need to handle this, you should be able to prove the number is yours and have them display your FlyNumber as the caller ID.

Keep in mind we can always send your SIP info to make outgoing calls with your FlyNumber

Thanks fur that. But are you saying I cannot forward outgoing calls using the PBX config

You can definitely use our PBX to make outgoing calls, you would be using our SIP credentials

However if you want to make outgoing calls with FreeCall ( and just use us for incoming) you would need to contact them as far as how you want outgoing calls taken care of