Forwarding from Flynumber to another PBX system or VOIP


We need some help. We are using Flynumber services for a long time, we had a PBX instance installed in a local server with specific real/public IP. And since we forwarded calls from Flynumber to that IP Address and since Flynumber trunk were configured correctly in that local server everything worked fine.

But recently we changed the PBX instance from local server to a hosted cloud instance of the same PBX provider which is PASCOM. That instance doesn’t have a specific public IP where we can forward calls from Flynumber, there is only the domain which is , so what can we do in this case? We want to continue to use FlyNumber’s DID numbers but we don’t know how to forward them to our new cloud PBX instance, what should we use to “Forwarding Details”? I suppose we have to choose VoIP option then “SIP” protocol but what should we write to “Enter Host” box and “Enter Details” box?

One more thing, how can I get our SIP credentials and other important information which are needed for SIP configuration from FlyNumber?

We wrote to the PASCOM support about this issue, asking them what to do and this is what they suggested:
"Technically the infrastructure only allows providers that work with registration, so the pbx establishes the connection and no forwarding is needed.

In case the provider needs to whitelist the IP of the PBX we could look up the responsible proxy that will be used for this connection, but forwarding SIP to this IP without an established connection (from PBX) will not work."

We appreciate your business here and very glad to help

Seems the solution here would be to use our SIP and for you to enter that information in your Pascom system. You would get the SIP credentials by first forwarding to the PBX/ Phone System from

My account > my flynumbers

You then open the PBX/ Phone system ( My account > PBX panel ) and configure from there ( full guide for the phone system here )

Let us know your flynumber username via PM and we can setup the SIP from here and send you the information

This sort of confirms they don’t really allow outside traffic to their IP’s. Perhaps if they give each line or number a specific SIP uri, we can send the traffic there ( as long as they allow it ) - for example something line ext100@

Regard, the SIP from us should work fine on their system

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns

Hello and thank you for your help.

What do you mean by PM, how can I send a PM to you? I opened 2-3 tickets in MY Account section about this, recently I added a new ticket today, I hope to get an answer there. As for your record, Pascom cloud infrastructure only allows providers that work with registration, so we only need a username and a password from your side and I think we can make it work.

For anyone following this thread:

This user had forwarded calls to their service providers IP address, we sent calls there and everything was fine

Their provider no longer allows traffic via direct IP , they requested SIP info to register which we can and did provide in this case

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