PBXww versus Phone System V2

I´ve been using Flynumber for many users. When I first purchased the number, I set up PBXww as a SIP account to use it as a SIP Trunk with a 3CX PBX. Pretty much forgot about it since it worked great for years.

I am now migrating my PBX to a new machine with a new IP address. Since I can no longer access PBXww(since it requieres flash), I setup the phone number to point to a new SIP account using the Phone System V2.

In the new PBX, I am now able to make outgoing calls from my PBX using the new credentials. Incoming calls still point to the old PBX with the old credentials. Funny thing is that both PBXs show the SIP trunk as registered with Flynumber. I even tried disabling the old PBX to see if the incoming call would redirect to the new PBX, but the call just drops.

I managed to get it working by configuring the new PBX with the old SIP credentials. Incoming calls are now coming into the new PBX without a problem. It seems that the new PhoneSystem V2 does NOT overwrite the old configuration from PBXww.

I there some sort of backend configuration that needs to be done in Flynumber´s headend? Please advise.

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A few details I missed to mention:

  1. Even though PBXww was decomissioned, it still works!
  2. The new PBX is pointing to the old Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname and Outbound Proxy.

Hi @esori

Hope all is well

Yes, this would be the intended behavior. It’s a little confusing but we had to keep both phone systems live while users migrated to the new system

When the new system was first enabled on your account you were sent ( March 20 via email in your case) instructions on setting the number(s) to the new system. Perhaps we should have been more clear there, apologies for that.

I went into your account and corrected this for you. The numbers are now completely going to the new phone system- You can see this in My account > My FlyNumbers

Yes, it will be decommissioned by the end of the year, so it should still work till then

I think you’ll really like the new PBX system, if there are any bugs or features you’d like to report please let us know

Thanks and here if you need anything at all

I´m sure your instructions were clear enough. I just went with the old “If it isn´t broken, don´t touch it” slogan. And well, here we are…

Switched to new SIP credentials but 3CX is not answering the incoming call eventhough both trunks are showing up as registered in Flynumber and the new 3CX. It seems like an authentication issue for both the incoming and outgoing call.

Do you have insights on what I should modify for these fields? See attached.

I´m guessing settings on your end must have changed.
Appreciate your help!

Finally figured this out. Here are all the steps I followed:

  1. Changed the forwarding on my fynumber to “VOIP”, in “host" entered “flypbx[.]com” (without the brckets) and “details” entered the FlyNumber. This is done from [My Account > My FlyNumbers>details>change forwarding.
  2. Then launched the phone system from My account > PBXww panel>Phone System V2
  3. Added my flynumber and connected to a ring group>contact>sip account
  4. Obtained username, password and domain from flynumber sip account and put them in 3cx.
  5. In the inbound settings, I unticked the “call source identification”.

It is officially working on the new phone system.

PS, There is nothing like taking a break and getting a fresh start to figure things out.

Very glad to hear and we appreciate you posting the solution!

Ok this makes sense as the SIP account is not IP based ( per the text i’m seeing on the 3CX screenshot you uploaded )

Very true! It’s that much sweeter when things get “figured” out

Thank you and standing by if you need anything at all

Edit: Link from 3CX - Configuring DID with a VOIP Provider

PBXww (v1) had dialout functionality . Does V2 support that?

Hi @Rolan

The dial access code feature correct? Where you dial your FlyNumber, it gives you a dial tone, you enter a PIN ( that you create ) and you hear a dial tone. At that point you enter any phone number you want to call.

Unfortunately this is not available in the new V2, that could change but wouldn’t have a date…

If theres enough demand it may be something we re-introduce as a standalone feature.

And if you mean “dial out” as in outgoing calls in general, than yes, The new phone system will give you the ability to create a SIP account, from which you can then dial out from ( the FlyNumber will show up as the caller ID )

Thanks for posting and let us know if you have any other questions