Forward to phone number not working

|1. I used to make “Forward to phone number”. However, I can not make it now, why? I can only press the “configure” key that used to be a “Save”

  1. How can I make use of Phone System V2? It seems it can not be used!! All settings still based on the old setting on V1 PBX that I can not use it anymore.|

Hi @cornwallis

Apologies for the confusion here and you set the numbers back to the original PBX, you have the new system grandfathered in free for life here.

Please open in My account > phone system panel and configure there - we set this on the My account > my flynumbers side (please leave that setting as is).

Thanks and standing by if you need anything.

I go [Phone System V2] to set the US number forward to my UK mobile phone but no luck, it does not work

It is okay now. Thanks

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