Outbound calls dropping out after 15 mins?


One of my Australian Flynumbers has recently started dropping calls after they reach 15 minutes. It doesn’t seem to be isolated to a particular type of call (e.g. calls to Aus mobiles, landlines and 13 numbers all appear to be impacted). We seem to be able to take inbound calls well past the 15 minute mark without any issues.

I’m using MicroSIP for this number and can’t see a solution on the client side or in PBXww on the Flynumber side.

Any idea what might be causing this?


Hi @ToroSupport

Sorry to hear about this, have you tried fresh SIP credentials in PBX/Phone System?

If there is a log with MicroSIP that could help as well, perhaps email that to us if you can. Or paste and send in PM

I would try resetting the app and the SIP info, if this persists though or you need anything else please let us know