Cannot call to Singapore numbers

It seems there’s something wrong with the connection to Singapore. I can make call to US numbers but not Singapore, even to my own number here.

Sorry to hear this, this is with our phone system correct?

what do you see in the logs within the phone system itself? (not the flynumber account call history)

Make sure you’ll following this dial format when calling out

Also disable STUN if its enabled in your SIP client. I would also try switching the “transport” setting in the SIP client. If its UDP, try TCP, and vice versa.

If this persists let us know.

Thanks for the quick reply and you can access from the menu on the right. Call Logs.

Then click outbound CDRs so it filters just the outbound calls

We’re seeing “decline” messages for those SG calls. Im not sure how many numbers you tried but is this the case for all SG numbers you call?

Here is the call log. There was only 1 success call which is our own FlyNumber number.

I just find out that if I use a non-Singapore caller ID to call to a Singapore number then it works. But if I use a Singapore caller ID to call to a Singapore number then it’s seems blocked by Singapore IMDA. Could be because they want to eliminate the scam industry.

Thanks for the update and we have been hearing of issues there as far as fraudulent activity. Getting more info and will update here.

Hi Flynumber.

It seems that all calls to Singapore is now blocked, even with a foreign number. Do you have any plan to resolve this?

Reference: Anti-Scam Measures | IMDA - Infocomm Media Development Authority

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Hi @ptrinh and sorry to hear about this and we just received new information that your number is from a block of numbers that can’t call out.

This all seems to be part of the campaign in Singapore to combat the recent rise in phone/text scams.

(Our SG numbers dont have SMS at the moment)

We sent you a PM with number options to replace your number (to one that can call out) if that works for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.