Number stopped receiving calls - after 6 months of working fine

My number worked fine for a long while, now incoming calls no longer ring, don’t register in my softphone as having ever been attempted, and go straight into voicemail.

In case it is relevant, there were absolutely no changes in my softphone. The only change was buying an additional flynumber.


We dont see any issues on our side as far as the SIP servers, perhaps its a local network issue

We noticed your USA number is connected to an active SIP account in your PBX panel ( the green indicator tells us its registered to the Acrobits SIP app)

Keep in mind you can register 1 SIP account per SIP softphone- you can create as many SIP accounts as you need in the PBX

Perhaps this was resolved already but if not please try creating a new SIP account and try registering with your softphone.

We also see many recent OK calls in the call history

Please also try to ping the SIP server from the same network to make sure your IP wasn’t banned for to many failed attempts- if you cant ping the SIP server please open a a ticket and send us your IP


My USA number works fine but there definitely is an issue with my +51 number.

The +51 number can make calls but not receive them. It started failing before I even setup the USA number.

As to the softphone, I use Acrobits, which supports multiple SIP accounts and allows me to select which one to use at any given time. I bought Acrobits because you guys told me in this forum that it is how I had to set things up to use the 2 numbers.

As to the steps you recommend trying:

  1. Creating a new SIP account and registering it: Exactly what do you mean by that? Delete the +51 account on the softphone and recreate? Or something else?

  2. Pinging from the same network… do you mean from the phone? Or from any computer at my home (since I’m using WiFi for these calls)? Also, is the server you want me to ping the one listed for the +51 number on the PBX panel?

  3. BTW, the forum says I will receive notifications when a reply is posted… but I received nothing when you replied. Any idea why?


We see the 51 number received some recent OK calls so hopefully this was taken care of

We meant just to completely trashing the person module with the associated SIP account and making a new one

There are apps on your phone that would allow you to ping servers and IP’s, you can just ping from a PC connected to the same WIFI as the phone- ping the server found under the person module for the 51 number ( although the servers for all your SIP devices should be the same in the PBX panel)

Our log is showing the emails going through OK, perhaps whitelist info[at] and check your spam folder. I also had the forum software send you a test email, let us know if you still have issues

Edit: please also check your forum preferences to make sure you are set to receive all the emails regarldess if you are active on the forum or not

Trashing the Person module and recreating it fixed the problem. I noticed that before trashing it the device showed as unavailable (red dot) and that after it showed fine (green dot).

The important thing is that whatever the issues I am again able to receive calls from the +51 number.

Moving on to the less important stuff:

a) I did not receive the forum email. I checked in the junk mail and it isn’t even there. Strange since I remember receiving them (months ago). Perhaps I need to whitelist a specific sending address?

b) From your earlier comments I got the impression that I would only be able to receive calls from either my +51 or my +1 numbers on my softphone, not both. I absolutely need that functionality, what is the fix? (1) Get a different softphone and register one number on it (assuming that the issue is “by softphone” and not “by IP”), or (2) Move one of the two numbers to a provider different than FlyNumber, so that your servers don’t get confused by knowing “more than one number”?

The above is the email to whitelist

You can receive calls from both numbers on the same SIP account and SIP device, just take both phone number modules in the PBX and attach it to the same Person module

You can also choose “Auto CLID” in the SIp device so that when you call a USA number your USA FlyNumber shows up on the caller ID and if you call a Peru number your Peru FlyNumber shows up on the caller - ID