Number restore - account disappeared!

I’ve had trouble trying to reach you over the phone, so had to reach out here.

Our account was closed because the person responsible kept forgetting the password and couldn’t log in to pay in time.

I’d like to restore the number we were using, as it appears on all our promo materials and it’s a huge inconvenience. I have access to the e-mail that the account was connected to, but your system is saying that the account doesn’t exist.

Can you please help. Thanx a lot in advance


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Please email us your old FlyNumber or the username on file

Thank you, just sent an e-mail. Please reply!

Hey, guys - I sent the e-mail again 3 days ago - but still no answer. Is there a possibility at all to get an answer? I’ve been trying for over a month now, and the phone number in the meantime is not working which is causing issues. Please could you help. Thanx

Sorry for the delay on this one and we see the email now , major updates caused some delays on our side

We’re back on track and will be adding a free month service for you for this one

We’re checking on the old number and will update you ASAP via the account

We were able to get the old one back, we updated you via email


Thank you, I just sent the documents in reply

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Hey, guys - sorry I have to bother you here again, but I’ve stopped receiving e-mails from you again, just as the number was going to go back live ASAP… Is there another technical issue with e-mails? I really need to get this back working asap!
thank you

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Hi @aglinkina

Due to the unique nature of this case where we had to transfer this number to another account, it took a little longer then we’ve would have liked

It should be on your account very shortly and we covered the first month of service on us

WIll update via ticket/email ASAP

Thnak you, really looking forward to the number being live again. I appreciate all your help, and please keep me posted with the progress.

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We appreciate your patience here - the original number is now on the new account and active

Thanks and here if you need anything at all