Number cancelled because bill failed for some reason

My number was cancelled for no reason. (This is the number: 553197601175)

Payment was automatically taken from my account and my number was cancelled.

I need the number to be reactivated but when I click restore, it says restore failed.

Please I need the number working asap to make some calls.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Sorry to hear and we don’t see the payment. There is also no credit card on file or paypal subscription

You can add a new paypal profile from

My account > my flynumbers

Click details and then scroll to the bottom to add a new paypal subscription

Thanks and here if you need anything

My question is: Is it possible to restore my number? It took so long to get it to work properly.

I don’t see the option to add a new paypal subscription to restore my number.

Yes, once payment is complete the number can be restored

Sorry about that, the option only appears when the number is active

You can manually add funds to restore ( My account > add funds )

Thanks and please let me know if you run into anything at all

Ok, I have added funds.

Can I please get my number restored?

Thanks and we appreciate your business here

Yes but you’ll need to add one more month as its been terminated for over a month.

If the system allows you to restore now it would restore to an expired date. ( and number wouldn’t work )

Similar to a mobile phone, you pay the monthly on the number whether you use it or not.

You can also restore from My account > my flynumbers ( click details and then "restore " )