Trouble restoring my number

Hey, any advice on how to get through to support? My number was stopped, and I couldn’t renew it myself. I contacted support on March, 21st, sent all the documents they required to restore the number, and now, 3 weeks later - still no progress. And my messages have been ignored for the last week completely… Thank you in advance!

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Hi @aglinkina

This is being processed as “personal” from “business” which caused delays -we’re also at the mercy of the local carrier and apologize for the delay.

It still should have been taken care of quicker.

Keep in mind, in your case we’re restoring an old Cyprus number, not a new order but still requires special registration.

The account was updated and will have some more updates ASAP

Appreciate your patience here

thank you. not sure, why it had to be changed to personal, though, as nothing has changed, I just needed for it to restore asap…

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My pleasure

We can still change this to the business later (I believe there were documents that needed clarification)

Will update ASAP

Hi @aglinkina

We’re still holding your old phone number - still some issues with the documentation

Will have some clarification shortly