The service is not working

Hi Yesterday , I have paid all my bills but I am not receiving calls on my number 1888xxxxx , does not work , please check that it is restored ,flynumber username : XXX


Hi @tekness

Sorry to hear and we see the number did not renew after you added funds and “restored” the number.

The USA number was under the “cancelled/terminated” status for more than 1 billing cycle, if your case, monthly. So when you restored the number it still had an expiration date in the past. Please add one more month (my account > add funds) to the account and we can renew phone number (as well as phone system which you have enabled)

Standing by if you need anything

Hi , I am used to using and paying monthly, the month of October I did not use the line and therefore it was suspended, on November 6 I returned to work and therefore I paid the October invoice and then the November invoice, that is to say the current month, know that we are at the beginning of the month, how are you asking me to pay another month more? this is unacceptable, I paid you for the month of November, I will pay you the month of December at the beginning of next month, so do what is necessary to restore my line


I am still waiting for your response, you offered me a solution that is not acceptable, I paid for the month of October, and then November and you are asking me to pay again for another month? when I have used my line during the month of November I will pay the bill for the month of December at the beginning of next month, that is to say December, please do what is necessary to restore my line

Hi again @tekness

Sorry about this and I’m seeing a synchronization error on our side here, looking into this a little further and will update ASAP.


I’m really upset, you deducted 3 USD extra from my balance just so you can carry out tests, my number still doesn’t work and I have contacted you several times, if it is not possible to recover the same number, give me another working 888, I have been waiting for 4 days now this is not at all acceptable