Reclaim my number

Looking for a way to speed up a process on reclaiming my old number. I have been out of country this summer at a funeral and didn’t realize that my number went unpaid for a few months. Now it is disconnected. Flynumber said they see it in their system last, and will try to help connect but it’s been two months :sob:

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Hi @Natalia

Sure thing and thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear on both accounts.

I tried looking for your account using the email used during this forum signup but couldn’t find it. Please PM your email or FlyNumber so I can check this out for you.

Good news and we were able to get your old number back, please ignore the temporary number on the account right now as it acts like a placeholder.

Will update shortly (should be a couple hours at most).

The number is back on the account, your patience is appreciated.

We also set this to the new phone system (which you had configured previously) - keep in mind this account has the phone system grandfathered in free for life.