Not able to receive calls


I purchased a Brazilian number and it says it is active, but I cannot receive any calls.

I have multiple people trying to call the number, but it does not work.

I need to have the number working.

Sorry to hear

Your number is OK but it looks to be ring tone

Your calls are being forwarded, My account > call history

We set this with PBX so its newer technology, My account > PBX panel

Please retest and let us know if this persists

It is still not working!

I cannot receive any calls from Brazil. People try to call my number but it just does not ring.

Please look into this issue because I paid for the days that I am not able to use it.

Sorry to hear about this and is this still happening?

We see recent OK calls in call history as well, if there is a specific call from Brazil not coming through. Please send us phone number , carrier and GMT time of the failed call so we can take it directly to the carrier in Brazil as this may be a local carrier issue

So, where do you see recent calls?

If I go to My account > Call history, I can only see one short call that was probably made by you guys testing purposes. There are no recent OK calls but 1.

There is not an specific call from Brazil. Five different people have tried to call me from Brazil and the phone won’t ring nor on my end neither at the callers end.

So please, where do you see all the recent calls you mentioned? It is definitely not on my Call history.

It’s been almost a week that I can’t receive calls for a number that I pad for. Will I be refunded for this period that it doesn’t work once it works?

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Sorry to hear and if its not in call history that would mean its specific to the Brazil carrier , we’re at the mercy of their infrastructure

We usually can get them to fix this though, can you send us the phone number, carrier and GMT of the failed call(s) - this would be the info of the person calling the flynumber

You can PM or open ticket with this info so we can investigate further

And yes due to the inconvenience we will add credit to your account ( one month free )

Just asked 3 different people to call me when the results are the same!

My phone won’t right and it doesn’t ring on their end either.

So, will I need to send every single number that will be possibly calling me? I won’t know in advance.

All Brazil callers from different phones?

Not at all but assumed this was specific to one number, checking this further as we speak and will update ASAP

Yes, I just asked another person with a different carrier (Oi) and this time it says that the number is not receiving calls t the moment".

I will PM you the other number.

OK thanks for this and looking forward to getting this resolved ASAP

Thanks. I’m looking forward as well because I need to be able to receive calls.

Any news? I see a bunch of failed calls on my call history this time.

I also have been trying to see if I can make a call since I paid for some funds on this number.

Unfortunately I cannot make calls either.

Sorry about that while out tech staff checks this out

Generally speaking, that’s good news, when the call shows up there it would mean the call reached the flynumber and there was an attempt at sending you the calls

The local carrier as made a request for more info and we sent it to you via PM

Looking forward to getting this fully resolved ASAP

Ok, I’ve responded via PM.

The calls that showed up on my Call history were probably made by you guys for testing purposes.

None of the numbers that call me from Brazil are able to complete the call and it does not show up on my call list.

Any updates on the problem of not being able to receive calls?

Hi Again

Thanks for the feedback , we’ve been going back and forth with the carrier on this .

Here is the response from them, keep in mind this information is coming from the origin in Brazil.

Our local partner has checked DID [55XXXXXXXX] and has not found an error, according to them number should be working properly and that mentioned calls did not reach their network.

It is possible that callers are dialing the number in a wrong way. Callers from Belo Horizonte (55-31) should
be able to call dialing 976011742.

Callers outside the 55-31 area should dial 0 + Long Distance Operator Code + Area Code + Number.

Alternatively if problem is not in dialing format we would like to offer you a new number from a different local partner ( Just let me know and we can get it replaced ASAP - for free )

If that doesnt work , please give us failed call info on the numbers please. This is what they requested

Caller number:
Caller carrier name:
Date and time (with timezone):

Above details are crucial in order to identify and escalate this to the originating operator side

The error can be escalated to the originating party operator “Oi” and coming from you can help take care of this as well

Thanks and please let us know


Yes, the number is not able to receive calls by no one.

As I mentioned, I was able to configure Zoiper and make a phone call. However, I cannot receive any calls.

I made sure they were dialing the right number and the calls were incomplete.

I think right now getting a new number would be better since this one appears to not be working.

So, Let’s try a new number and partner and see if I can receive calls.

Let me know when I can try the new number and I will provide via PM a detailed log for everyone that tried to call me.

Thank you.

Were you guys able to get me a new number?

I don’t see a different number on the PBX panel nor anywhere on the system.

This number will be replaced from the carrier and we’ll have this done very shortly ( should be a couple hours )

A credit will be issued to the account for a full month of service as well

Thanks and will update you ASAP