Not able to receive calls


Ok, I’m still waiting.

Please let me know asap when the number is available.

Thank you.


Any updates on the new number?


Sorry for the delay on that and yes your new number is online ( a very good looking number as well )

Thanks and let us know if you need anything at all


Hi, Thanks for the reply.

However, the new number is not a mobile number in Brazil. Mobile numbers will have the 9 after the city code like in the previous non-working number.

I want to have a mobile number as I previously purchased. Can you get me the mobile number?

Also, the expiration date is soon as well and I’ve not able to use the service and it did not include the month free I was given due to all this problems.



The new number provided does not come from the area I purchased.

They are from different locations. The new number is area code 21. I wanted a number from area code 31.


any updates on the new number?


Just to note this in case there is anyone following - number was replaced.


Hi, Number still nor working.

No one can call me!

I had the following numbers calling me:

(Tim) 31973562519
(Tim) 31994215130 -> This one even recording a little video. When press call, the call fails right after.

What’s happening?


We’re on top of this to see whats going on and will have an update ASAP


Please let me know because I need to have the number working ASAP. It is important.


Any updates on why the number does not work?


Any updates on why I’m not able to receive calls?


Sorry for the delay here and carrier is checking this

Will have an update shortly


Hi Again

We have received an updated that Oi has performed routing changes.

Would it be possible to verify problematic number using Oi network and share your findings with us.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



Yes, I was able to receive a call from a number in Brazil.

The call quality sounded great.

I will ask more people to try to call me and will let you know if I run into any problems.

Also, could you fix the expiration date on my number? It is soon to expire and I have not even got a chance to use it. As we previously discussed, you were to give me a free time on top of the one I already paid for due to the problems.

Thank you.


Very glad to hear

Another month credit was added to the account

Thanks and here if you need anything


Hi, I don’t see the month added to my account.

The month was not added to my account. I paid for 1 month and you were to add +1 month.

So it would expire in April instead of March.

Please let me know.


Please see the below attachment, the payments we were referring to are coming us as “cash”

Thanks and here if you need anything