New Activated Account not working

This is a question in several parts;
(1) First I just received an email with my new number in Recife, Brasil as the virtual number. My wife in Brasil has tried calling it from within Recife and it has not worked… it is not clear how many numbers she has to dial. She has tried from 8 (which is usually what’s needed to call from a local cell phone to a local cell phone), to 10 numbers (someone else answered… not here at my home) to all numbers given (busy signal).

Q: How long does it really take to be active - to really know I really have a problem?

Q: How many numbers need to be dialed locally in Recife Brasil to make this work?

(2) The phone I am trying to have it routed to in the US is a Vonage Phone, technically it’s VOIP I think but it is not listed in any of the services you have listed…

Q:Could you tell me if your service works with a Vonage phone?

Sorry to hear

The number is active and forwarding OK, the call history will show there are errors on your side…

My account > call history ( set the TO: date to one day in the future)

Seems there was an extra “1” in the forwarding number and thats what was causing the issue here

We switched your forwarding so its done with the Virtual Phone System/ PBX, its newer technology and can help with things like ring tone and such

To see your PBX panel its

My account > PBX panel ( make sure you have latest adobe flash and you may need to clear your cookies/cache in the browser if you see an SSO error)

Please retest your Recife, Brasil number and let us know if you still run into any issues