Can't receive or make calls - Need help configuring Zoiper


I’m in need to make calls using my number, however I can’t get ZOIPER to work.

Also, I cannot receive calls!! I had someone calling me from Brazil and it goes straight to voice mail instead of ringing on my phone.

I need to make calls urgently, so i would appreciate if I could get help on how to set up Zoiper and make calls

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Hi @brennowilliam

Sorry to hear you’re having issues and we can definitely help here ,we don’t see you any SIP credentials setup in your PBX panel ( My account > PBX panel )

We set this up for you and sent you an email with the details

The call history ( My account > call history ) shows some errors here , we see a busy signal coming from the 316 number you’re sending the calls to. I would test this one more time. If it persists let us know

Thanks and standing by if you need anything