I cannot get the forward number changed

I have changed my forwarding number and it does not forward to the new phone. The dead end calls go to my old phone number. The forwarding was changed three days ago. The new calls do not show up on the call history. I have sent three support tickets and have called the U.S. and Canada office several times and just get a voice recording. Very disappointed. Has others had this same problem?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues

We opened your PBX panel and found the old forwarding number in there

We changed it for you.

You can’t forward to both the PBX and “Phone number” the way you had it set.

You can just forward to the PBX and in the PBX panel enter a phone number to forward to ( We’re working on making the process simpler for users)

Please also keep in mind Costa Rica numbers are unique in they should be tested locally from within Costa Rica. Its not really a FlyNumber issue as much as its an issue with the carrier there not having proper dial plans across the globe.

This is the case sometimes with El Salvador and Thailand numbers as well, the majority of our numbers are reachable from anywhere in the world

If you still run into any issues please send us an email or open a ticket

I had it working using your land line prefix for my cell number. I would be charged more that way. But at least I would have a forwarded phone. Since you changed it to a PBX it does not work again. Can this be resolved and you send a test call to confirm that is is resolved?

The PBX will automatically bill you based on the phone number you’re forwarding to

You wont be charged more by using the PBX for " regular phone number" forawrding