Forward to mobile doesn't work - payment fail, don't know how to correct

Hi there, I just received my new flynumber yesterday for Vancouver B.C. (604 area code) and my payment for the monthly fee was processed ok and I got a confirmation message saying it was set up and active.

Then I set up forwarding to my mobile, a different area code in BC. It saved my forwarded number and everything looks ok in my account settings.

My problem is that the forwarding doesn’t work when I call my new fly number. When I check the call log it says payment failed. But I can’t figure out how to make the payment not fail. I thought I already had my account set up and everything is ok for payment.


I think (hope) I figured this out myself. I made a payment in advance for my forwarding fees. Now I just have to wait for my paypal transaction to be processed so I can test it out. I had assumed that since I was registered for monthly payments that the same account would be used for my forwarding fees. Guess we will see tomorrow.

Yes, that was the problem. Thanks a lot, self, good job.

Sorry for the delay here, glad to hear you got all this working

We will have instant payment approval status on your account ASAP as well

Please let me know if we can be of further assistance