Moving PBXww to Phone System v2

Good day,
can the Gigastore and Ingram accounts be moved from the PBXww panel to Phone System v2 or what are the possibilities?

We need to start a phone line and I have no way to set it up.

What are the possibilities please? Well thank you.

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Hi @Giga

These are old accounts so yes they’re grandfathered in for life.

We needed to enable from here , this is done and specific instructions were sent to each account.

The Bratislava Slovakia number on your account was cancelled recently (billing related, we see it’s set to renew yearly but no card on file or not enough funds in prepaid)

Seems you’ve had it for a while, let us know if need it back.

Thanks and we appreciate your business here.

Good day,
I made the settings, but when we call from the given number, it does not display the assigned number but the American number. Can we set somewhere what should be displayed during an outgoing call? Well thank you.

Hi @Giga

In the “ring group” module you’ll want to make sure you choose the correct phone number from the drop down menu for “outgoing calls”