From Slovenia to Slovenia.... around the world...possible?


I desire to buy your service, but I need to clarify some points.

Situation is: I live in Slovenia, where I have a company (Inter Mares

in December I will go to Cabo Verde for 2 months, and then I need to
forward calls I will received to my fix company number in Slovenia to a
voip number. It is possible with you?

In case yes, can I answer to these calls by Skype or how? Which are the
cost of activation an for answer to the call.

Can I call from this number too?

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

Mila Andretich


Cesta Solinarijev 6

6320 - Portorož - Slovenia

Tel. 00386 5 677 8930

Mob. 00386 51 321 125


Yes we can help , its $2.95 a month for the number in Slovenia

We can send the calls to any SIP app or smartphone if you have one- we can set this up from here for you to get you started

Let us know username where you signed up

thank you! So I want to buy a number in Slovenia (Nova Gorica).
I need to:

  • forward calls to this new fly number to my mobile throught voip, like WathApp 00386 51321125
  • forward call to 0038656778930 to this new Fly Number ( I will do it from this my fix telephone number)
    I try to buy it n your web page, but I don’t know what enter on “Destination Details”, I try Voip , but I don’t know Host and Details. Please help me I need to to all in next days.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Mila Andretich


You can just choose PBX ( last option ). It includes all forwarding and there is no extra charge, plus you can change these settings anytime via your panel

When you send the calls to a phone number there is a per min rate. You can check your rate by using our rate by phone number feature