On PBX... no phone number available.. why?


i opened PBX and when i clicked to configure the PHONE number (in the PBX…) its say i dont have any phone number and i need to buy one… but i bought one… so whats the problem ? thanks

can somebody help me please ?!


Sorry for the delay , you need to set your number to PBX first

My account > My flyNumbers and change to PBX ( right now I see you have it set to Gtalk)

Let us know if you run into any issues please

Hello, I have changed to forwarding to pbx but still there is no number showing up? Why is this?

Sorry about this, its a bug affecting a small amount of our users- I see your account and will have this fixed in a couple hours (max)

Will update you ASAP

Sorry for the hassle…

Hi Again

Please check your PBX as your number is on there now, very sorry for the hassle

I have the same problem, no numbers available.
Ticket nr 8812

Sorry about that …We updated your ticket, your number is in the PBX now