Features included and how-to


I’ve tried numerous times to call the US support line , however, it always says it is unavailable…

My questions are:

Before I signed up a I swore I read that there was a option/feature to have calls sent directly to voice mail if desired. And also that you can create black lists or menus systems. However, I do not see any of these options in my dash board.

I am most interested in having the voice mail feature , specifically if it could be setup to be sent to voicemail during certains parts of the day.

Can you point me in the direction to find these features and perhaps a small how-to guide thats online already?



Yes you can , you can use the PBX for all these features

Please make sure your FlyNumber is pointed to PBX from

My acccount > My FlyNumbers

You can then open PBX at

My account > PBX panel

Here is the full PBX guide as well

Very nice… thank you for your assistance!

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