Flynumber from Acrobits softphone

I live in the US but I need a phone number in Peru, to make and receive calls as if they were local. The website says “Unlimited w/ Smartphone” but gives no other details.

My research shows that Acrobits is the most popular client app for smartphones. Unfortunately flynumber is not in the list of providers that were certified to work with Acrobits.

(1) Has anyone used Acrobits to directly connect to flynumber, both for sending and receiving calls?

(2) If yes to (1), did you have any problem with turning on Push Notifications (required to receive calls when the app isn’t on)?

(3) How did you configure Acrobits to connect to flynumber?


One of the reasons we’re not on the list is our server addresses are different for various users- we hope to get on the list ASAP regardless

Our service works very well with them, not to mention I’ve been using it for many months without any issues

We actually have a [post on the Acrobits SIP client][1] , this should help with setup…

[1]:[quote=“bmelloni, post:1, topic:150”]
(2) If yes to (1), did you have any problem with turning on Push Notifications (required to receive calls when the app isn’t on)?

No issues with this at all

Thanks, that’s awesome, a couple follow-up questions then.

  1. So, for calls to/from Peru all I need to get is (a) Acrobits, (b) The $4.95/month phone number in Peru, © Pay 0.0515/min for outgoing calls to landlines or 0.1415/min for outgoing calls to mobiles, set up push notifications, and from a user experience my cell phone would function pretty much identically to a local mobile in Peru regardless of where I am in the world, right?

  2. Later on I will want to get a US number too. The idea is to make myself 100% mobile, having local numbers in both places (regardless of where I am physically) and making local outgoing calls to both countries. I know that with Acrobits I can point to two providers, receive calls from both, and make outgoing calls by choosing one or the other - so that the call is local. But it would be simpler billing if I get both lines from you guys… if I did that, would I still be able to chose the number to use for the outgoing call?

Yup that’s correct, you will receive calls for free

Yes this is possible, you can setup 2 SIP accounts for example and enter them into Acrobits

We also have a Auto caller ID feature where you can use 1 SIP account, more info on this here

Please let us know if you have any other questions

Cool, this sounds perfect. I just bought Acrobits and started buying the Peru/Lima phone number… and got stumped on question 2: “Where should we send the calls”.

For Acrobits, should I use VoIP or Virtual Phone System?

Great glad to hear

You can always change this later but choose PBX/ Virtual Phone System

Please let us know if you need further assistance

I made the order ($10 = 4.95 for 1st month and 5.05 to have for outgoing calls) and I see it was approved and a local number assigned.

Started following your Acrobits setup instructions. Opened the PBX Grid, got the Person module, and got o VOIP/Device.

Here I entered a Caller ID name (fields above were filled), but it is not letting me click the checkboxes nor enter a Caller ID number.

Am I missing something? Or is there some setup step you guys need to do that is still pending?

On a second matter, I see that although I just paid for the number today 11/20, the auto-renew is set to bill me again on 11/27. Shouldn’t it be 12/20? Also, is the renewal manual or automatic? If automatic, do I need to put some balance on my (just created) google wallet or will it draw from my credit card?

Edit: I didn’t see a reply for a few hours, then I noticed that I’ve drifted from presales into pbx and payment territory. So I created new posts in those 2 categories. I hope to get some answers soon.

I was able to setup and receive a call.


Please make sure the phone number module is there and your FlyNumber is showing up in PBX first

You have till the 27th before the number goes into terminated status, ( still restore-able at that point as well)

I see you are setup for recurring payments to be taken out on the 20th for the monthly price on the number, number should renew on its own without issues

For the outgoing calls and forwarding to a regular phone number there needs to be a a positive balance in your account, you can add funds manually for this but we should have direct credit card payments soon . You’ll be able to store your credit card with us and have payments taken out automatically for this

Glad to hear =)

Let me know if you have any more questions

I think you didn’t understand my question. Let me restate:

  1. I just signed up for the service. Yesterday I paid for the number for a month, but as you say it is set to terminate on the 27… only 7 days later. Something is very wrong with this and needs to be fixed.

  2. I understand that I need to put a balance into my account for the outgoing calls. I have no problem with that, and I just have to monitor my balance to make sure I have enough. What I was really asking about was the automatic renewal every month… since you go to GoogleWallet and not a credit card, do I have to keep a balance in GoogleWallet itself or will GoogleWallet charge that renewal to my credit card when you post the monthly charge?

Im not sure what you’re seeing, I see your number expires exactly 2013-12-20 18:39:34

Google checkout will charge your credit card automatically, this is sort of pointless at this point as google checkout is being decommissioned. We have an alternate payment method being implemented in the coming days. You’ll be able to create a new subscription for the number once this is enabled by clicking your number from My account > my flynumbers

As long as google checkout charges my credit card on the monthly renewal, that’s good… no chance of missing it.

And I think I understand what I was seeing. I bought and paid the first month on 11/20. I think that order showed as “due” on 11/27 (even though I had already paid). It now shows in the status “paid 11/20”. Seeing an invoice due on 11/27 made me think (incorrectly) that it was the next bill, even though it wasn’t. Everything was fine with billing, just looked funky.

Thanks for all the help. I think I got everything in order now.

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Sounds good, let us know if you need anything else


Hi, I configured this Acrobits SIP app on my iPhone 6+. The incoming calls work perfectly, however I receive na “error” with every attempt I try to make an outgoing call. Would you please have any recommendation to solve this problem?

Do you have funds in your prepaid balance ( My account > dashboard and then summary tab )

You will also want to make sure you’re dialing correctly , it should be Country + city + number- more info here

Let us know if you still have issues