Softphone on Android - good idea?

I expect to travel a lot in the near future, and wanting to be reachable at my normal numbers without outrageous costs anywhere in the world I got Acrobits and a Flynumber SIP account. Voice quality is quite acceptable and iPhone PushNotifications hardly have any impact on battery life. Love it already. Will probably get a number for a 2nd country pretty soon.

But my iPhone does not get reception in some countries and I am considering an Android.

Could somebody who uses Acrobits with KeepDeviceAwake on an Android comment on the impact it has on battery life? Is it minimal? Is it significant?

Ill chime in here , for Android there is an option to input SIP info right into the Android software without a 3rd party app…

We have not tested this but it should work fine and keep the battery loss to a minimum

In spite of my uneasiness with Skype, I bit the bullet and did the no-account Skype payment from the credit card. It’s been well over an hour and the payment still shows “pending”. What’s wrong? Isn’t it automatic and instantaneous?

Sorry for the delay here, the payment was approved and we also enabled instant payments on your account so any future payments will approve right away