Dial format for outgoing calls using SIP or VOIP Phone

One question that gets asked all the time is how to dial out using your FlyNumber SIP account.

You’ll need to have a positive balance in your account so please make sure there is at least $1 in there ( should work with less but just in case)

To check your prepaid balance its My account > dashboard and click the “Summary” tab

To dial out use the E.164 format , Country + city + number

No 011/00 or + before the number

For example USA would be 19176282411 and for UK 442036031157

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I have set up Zoiper on my Iphone and it receives calls fine , it will also make outgoing calls no problem , the issue I have is the number format , all my contacts in my phone are set up with a + to indicate an international number as that is required when making calls using the regular mobile system , however when I try to call with the contact details the call fails , presumably because there is a + sign , this means that I cannot use my contacts , which makes no sense , it makes the outgoing functionailty worthless unless I go in and duplicate all my contacts , can you not configure the flynumber system to allow calls with the + sign , It can’t be just me with the problem

I have solved it , in the setting there is a setting called “number rewriting” and when selected its has the words “strip dialing character” I put the “+” in and now i can call my contacts and the

  • is stripped off by the zoiper app before going to the server , all works fine now - hope thsi helps someone else
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