Outgoing Acrobits


I ve been successfully setting up inbound calls with sip2sip and Acrobat Softphone on my IoS device which are working fine.

I ve followed the instructions on Use SIP2SIP to receive unlimited incoming calls on your FlyNumber - the FlyNumber blog

Now I m trying to do outgoing calls. Using the correct format e.g. 4969123456 for Germany I m getting the message “user not found” within the Acrobats Softphone app-

Call history in Flynumber.com gives a Status “Fail” and reason “Request terminated”

Any idea what I might have wrong ?

Kind regards

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Hi there and glad to hear.

This is because in this scenario it’s sip2sip thats handling the outgoing calls for your FlyNumber.

You can use our cloud PBX, you can easily create multiple SIP accounts for incoming/outgoing among many other features. It’s a flat monthly fee and applies to the entire account.

Let me know and I can enable for a month free on your account for you to try it out.

As I ll be using only this line for Portugal, how much is the cloudPBX per month ?

That would be $17.90 (14.95 a month for the PBX and 2.95 a month for the PT number)

A per min rate is applied for outgoing calls depending where you call