Error when changing forward setting

for all did numbers active or not, i get this error when i´m trying to change forwarding settings:

Error: (code: 600, message: DID Number not found or invalid) , please check and fix asap

Sorry to hear and this looks to be related to numbers that expired/terminated.

Have you tried on the active number?

Note: there are 2 numbers that need to be renewed on the account and it wont allow changing of the call forwarding without them being active.

Thanks and let us know if you run into anything.

i have tried with active numbers and get same error

also i have funds in my account to renew non active dids but your system does not do it automaticaly, please advise

Hi @Arnold

Sorry about this and please try now, there is a small bug with forwarding when you try to set to phone system (and your account doesnt have the PBX/phone system)

I was able to change the SIP address so this should be OK now.