I need help setting up with Zioper app

i need help i tried skype but it didn’t go through and i’m bouta try this app call zoiper but i can’t log into it, please can the admin help me out in setting up forwarding ?

Your number is not live yet, once active we’ll send you the SIP info to help you get started. Should be just a couple hours but max 24 hours. ( this is specific to only Singapore numbers )

Okay Thanks i’ll be waiting,

We updated your ticket.

I already forwarded document to your support email as requested please do check,

Thanks for that and we’ll have an update for you ASAP

Edit: this was taken care of

and the SIP info, i still haven’t receive yet

Yes and that was also just sent, let us know if you need anything.

Thanks i received it and i did the setup it works perfect on outgoing calls, but i’m asking about receiving calls, Currently my call forwarding option is set to PBXww should i change to VoIP ?? and if yes what should i put in the (Enter host) option after i select (SIP) under the (Select protocol) or will i receive calls to my Zioper app if my forwarding is PBXww ? thanks ans waiting

Keep it as it was.

If you can call out you can receive calls but you probably have something wrong set on your side where the incoming is not coming in. Check the network and firewall and perhaps any incoming settings on the SIP client you’re using

Try on x-lite as well if you can, just to test

It’s working now i can receive call, but i want to know if a local number in singapore can call my singapore number without using the +65 , like calling locally, will it work ? or must they include the +65 before they can call my number ?


Its local for them so yes they should be able to dial your FlyNumber as any local Singapore number