Problems with setting up my Zoiper account


i hope you can help me. Maybe through this way i can reach someone as i am a bit desperate on how to set up my number to finally be able to use it.
I have downloaded Zoiper filled in the info i got from you: Domain, username and password.
But it won’t work. It says it is registering, but in Registration Status: No. And nothing is happening.
To me it doesn’t matter what SIP client is in use. I can download another one. I simply need a number that works soon.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Any ideas? I am really running out on ways of contacting someone at Flynumber. After two emails, a call, a ticket and this question here i don’t know how to reach you guys. I would be soooo thankful if you could get in contact.

Sorry for the delay @Nat

Very sorry about this but this is billing related, we’ve updated your ticket


Very sorry for the delay on this and we had some major site updates these past weeks. This caused some invoice issues but we’re back on track. We look forward to having some great new features added as well, including SMS. We needed this infrastructure update first though- we are very sorry again for any inconvenience caused