Forward the Flynumber to a mobile number that IS NOT local

I would like to know if the rates listed in the website are for forwarding to a mobile are for any mobile regardless if the mobile is local or not.
Just to clarify: I have a mobile phone from my native country A and I am now in country B.
I have a Flynumber in country A which is forwarded to my mobile (belongs to country A) which is now in country B.

Will the rates for the incoming calls be as they are listed for country B despite the fact that my mobile does not have a country B number (local number)?



Just to make it easier lets use this scenario

A - Israel

If you’re in the US and and have your Israeli mobile phone you will receive calls from your FlyNumber at the rate of .07 per min ( Israel mobile phone rate ) You will have nothing to do with USA rates as you’re forwarding the FlyNumber to an Israeli mobile phone and thats all we know.

It doesn’t matter where your phone is or who calls the FlyNumber. We simply take the Israeli FlyNumber and forward the calls to a regular phone number for a per min rate.

The only way the per min rate changes is if you log on to your FlyNumber account and actually change where to send the calls

Let me know if this didn’t help clear things up

The answer is clear!

Now to close all the other gaps that I have:

  1. I want to use the your internal SIP addresses to receive free unlimited incoming calls.
    I wrote down the steps to reach this goal as I understand them. Could you please check this and confirm and answers some questions

Step 1 Get a Flynumber account

Step 2 - Get the SIP account from PBX/ Virtual Phone System on the Flynumber by logging on to PBX Grid and drag a “Persons” module onto the grid, Enter a name> and then choose VOIP > Device.

Step 3 I will receive a window which displays the SIP account credentials.
Here I have a few questions:

     I guess that: username, password, server port will appear automatically

    What about the other parameters: caller ID name, Internal caller (what is this?), caller ID,
    CLID auto match (what is this?) Do I have to input these parameters?

Step 4 - Download a SIP client (Bria, Acrobits) on my Android phone

Step 5 - Input the information of the SIP address in the SIP client

Step 6 - Forward the Flynumber - What do i need to input here?


Yes the info is generated automatically

Caller ID name is just an internal name, you can enter anything arbitrary

Auto cli is if you have multiple flynumbers , if you have a Israel and Uk Flynumber . You can have one sip account show either caller ID depending which country you call

You call a UK number and your UK Flynumber shows up as the caller id. Call an Israeli mobile from the same sip account and the Israeli Flynumber shows up on someone’s caller id

It’s pretty much up to your sip client or VOIP phone from there . As long as you get your device or software registered properly we will have no problem making and receiving calls

Let us know if you have any other questions at all

Thanks. Really impressed by the promptness
Still having some more clarifications

  1. Was the procedure step1-step6 in my previous email correct?

  2. What is “internal caller parameter” in the SIP credentials? Is it
    generated automatically or input by me?

3.Forwarding the Flynumber to the PBX SIP - is this achieved by entering
the SIP credentials into the SIP client (Bria, Acrobits) on my android?

  1. Any recommendations: bria, acrobits, other?

  2. I have to mobiles. When I leave abroad on remains in Israel and the
    other one I take with me. I want to do a follow me of the mobile that
    remains in Israel to my Israeli Flynumber which will forward the call to
    my other mobile which is with me abroad. Is this possible?

Thanks again,

Sure thing

Yes that was correct, once you finish creating a new SIP device in the PBX that info is live and active

This is optional, its if you want to assign your SIP account an extension that other SIP accounts in your PBX grid can call or transfer calls to.

Yes thats correct

We like Acrobits, it can receive calls even if its not running in the background, big battery saver

Yes - many users do just that, just make sure to forward the Israeli cell phone to your Israeli Flynumber before you leave. You can then send the calls anywhere…

Thanks. Still digesting the information and think if I may have other questions.

Sounds good, if you think of any feel free to post it here or create a new topic

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