What are the UK mobile phone forwarding rates for ported numbers?


My phone number is +447842… which is classed as UK O2 mobile rate, however, this phone number has been ported over to Hutchinson 3G Mobile (Three UK) for a long time now.

Will you still bill me O2 rates (based on prefix), or will you be able to figure out that it is ported over to Hutchinson 3G number?

I’m asking because O2 rate is higher than Hutchinson 3G rate, yet the numbers are portable and in my case moved from O2 → Hutchinson 3G.




It really depends on the route our carrier takes, if you enter the entire number here you should get the right rate


The system bases the rates on the actual prefix instead of the name but this rate sounds like it needs to be updated, will update this thread with any news.

Just to update, you should really base the rate on the prefix and not the name. Operators change and update all the time but we do our best to keep it up to date

Thanks. But in practice it’s impossible for your, or your suppliers to give you reliable rates based on prefixes. As individuals are free to port their number to any other operator. My 7842 number is with 3G, others may have taken it to Vodafone, or the EE network. Thus imho all UK mobile phones should be same rate. Or somehow correct network should be detected on per mobile phone basis - e.g. 3G generally offers unlimited calls within its network and that works to/from my ported number too. http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/numbering/guidance-tele-no/number-portability-info/ So somebody is probably making money off the ported numbers calls =)

Yes this is true, however the per min rate to forward to said number stays the same.

This kind of makes sense from the termination view point.

Lets say to send calls to that number its .05 per min

and then you change your provider to EE while with us.We couldn’t really change the rate as the termination still costs the same. Sort of how the industry is setup at the moment


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