Tariffs for call-forwarding different than stated on webpage

Dear Support Team,

The tariffs applied for forwarding of calls to my Portuguese Fly number to a German mobile with the prefix +49 177 are higher than stated on your website. According to your website a call should cost 0.0280 USD per minute. In fact you charge 0.0720 USD per minute, see the screenshot below. Can you please correct the rates applied to the rates published on your website. Thank you.

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Hi @janschub and thanks for bringing this up, there seems to be a hiccup with the the and EU to EU calls. I imagine the rate on the per min rate page is what needs to be updated in this case.

We’ll make sure to add credit to the account but can you try this again as we made some updates to the way per min rates show up.

Thank you. I see on the rate page that the rate should now be 0.03 USD per minute. However, I just made a call to my flynumber again and the system still charged 0.072 USD per minute. Can you please check again.
I also wanted to try call forwarding to a German landline number. But the dropdown menu on the callforwarding page does not include an option for forwarding to German landline numbers.
I appreciate that you envisage to make a credit to my account.

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We’re still investigating this and will update shortly.

Do you have any update, please?

Apologies for the delay on this and the issue stems from the EU to EU rate not being applied correctly from our side.

Please try again and this should show up as .03 since you have a EU FlyNumber.

A month credit was also added to the account for any inconvenience caused here.

Please let us know if you run into anything.