Please read if you make EU to EU connections

This only applies if you forward your European FlyNumber to a European regular phone number and or make outgoing calls from your EU FlyNumber to an EU number

Anytime our system needs to make an EU to EU connection via POTS/PSTN ( Regular phone numbers) you pay this rate.

Otherwise its the regular per in rates - you are never charged both rates, its one or the other.

Or If you have a European FlyNumber and are calling European phone numbers

Example: If you buy a UK FlyNumber and forward the calls to a European phone number -this applies.

Example: Call from UK caller > UK FlyNumber > Euro Phone number . The rate you would want to look up is for the " Euro phone number "

Example: If you have a Ireland FlyNumber and call a UK Mobile number, you would pay the UK mobile rate found below

EUPerMin.pdf (381.1 KB)

Or with Tabs in Excel format

EUPerMinRates.xlsx (530.4 KB)

***If for instance you buy a UK FlyNumber and forward to a USA this does NOT apply to you