Is this a good option to port a uk mobile number from truphone?

Hello, I had a UK mobile number with Truphone for a number of years. They discontinued the service and now I need to find an alternative. Is this a good option? Could I port my number here to receive sms?Thanks.

Hi @sjbpw

As far as a couple months ago we couldn’t port in UK mobile numbers just yet - double checking on this now and will update this topic accordingly.

Seems porting in UK mobile numbers might be possible depending on who the “underlying” carrier is.

I’m not sure its “truphone”, @sjbpw, in this case.

Could you ask them directly who the “carrier” is for the phone number?

Hello, just had a reply from Truphone: We are the current carrier, Truphone/1Global.

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Thanks for the update here and Truphone is considered an underlying carrier in the UK, unfortunately though we can’t currently port in phone numbers from them.